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以CFRPLUS®材料作为基体,创建一个或多个0°/90°双向结构(性能支撑),和聚丙烯(外观优化)、无纺布(粘接面)复合在一起。 产品重量轻,抗冲击性能强,符合FDA认证,导热系数低,耐腐蚀,易清洗和修补。

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The "continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material" independently developed by the company has excellent characteristics such as "light weight, high strength, impact resistance, environmental protection and recyclability". The main performance indicators of the products have reached the international level and can be applied to aerospace, national defense and military industry, etc.

Fiber morphology: continuous-glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid

Resin category: polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polyether ether ketone, etc

Process characteristics: melt impregnation process; continuous composite process

Main features:

High specific strength and specific stiffness; density <1.5g/cm3

● Environmental protection, recyclable use, easy to clean and repair

● Superior impact resistance and corrosion resistance

Main applications:

● As main bearing structural material, secondary bearing structural material or interior material

● Alternative metal materials, thermosetting composite materials

● Meet the needs of users for light weight, high strength, high impact environmental protection materials

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