Specialized in high-performance composites

The "continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites" independently researched and developed by the company have the excellent characteristics of "light weight and high strength, impact resistance and compression resistance, environmental protection and recyclability", and the main performance indexes of the products have reached the international level, which can be applied in the fields of aerospace, national defense and military industry, rail transportation, automobiles, containers, chemical industry, high-end building materials, etc. The company has also developed a new product line, "Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites".

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2009 year

Company Established

10 million

Annual R & D investment

35 +

Authorized patent

Product Series

CFRPLUS® Thermoplastic prepreg tape

CFRPLUS® Thermoplastic Prepreg TapeContinuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites provide higher strength and toughness compared to other thermoset reinforced materials. Resin Type: PP,PE,PA,PEEK Reinforcement: Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre

FRPLUS® Sandwich panel

CFRPLUS® material is used as the panel and honeycomb core or PP core, etc. is used as the sandwich layer, which is heated and laminated. The product is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant, low VOCs and recyclable.

FRPLUS® Laminate

The CFRPLUS® material is used as the substrate, structurally designed according to performance requirements, and heat laminated to a maximum width of 3 metres. The product is light weight, high strength, UV resistant and impact resistant.


The CFRPLUS® material is used as a matrix to create one or more 0°/90° bi-directional structures (performance support), laminated with polypropylene (appearance optimisation) and non-woven fabrics (bonding surface).








Building materials

Building materials