About Us

Social Responsibility

Caring for employees

"Treat employees as family members" is the belief that Qiyi Technology has always adhered. We firmly believe that only by putting the care for employees into practice and creating a harmonious working atmosphere can employees be physically and mentally happy and work smoothly. We always keep the needs of our employees in mind. While making our business bigger and stronger, we strive to deepen and refine our care for employees, so that warm care can be spread to every employee.

Protecting the Environment

Qiyi Technology has been committed to the research and development of new environmentally friendly composite materials, earnestly fulfilling environmental obligations, and contributing to the sustainable development of society. We introduce products with more application value and environmental protection efficiency with a scientific and rigorous attitude. By controlling raw materials and optimizing production processes, we can reduce the impact of products on the environment and health in the whole process of production, use and disposal.

Cardiac safety

"Healthy employees create healthy enterprises". The company realizes the safe development of the enterprise by implementing the environmental and occupational health and safety system, improving the management system, investing in safety facilities, and constantly creating a safer, more environmentally friendly and more warm working environment. Quality is the guarantee of safety and the life of an enterprise. Through the implementation of ISO/TS 16949 system and strict control of production quality management, we always stand on the side of product safety and customer interests to ensure that we provide quality and safe products for the society.

Caring society

Qiyi Technology and all its employees have been committed to giving back to the society and the cities and regions where they are located. We always take "caring for others and returning to society" as our responsibility. While developing the economy, we do not forget to return to society, dedicate love, actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and do our best to contribute to society.

Independent innovation

"Insist on independent innovation" has always been the strategic focus of Qiyi's scientific and technological development. We have set up venture capital funds, carried out extensive cooperation, introduced and trained professionals, and created a positive atmosphere of innovation. The company continuously creates value for customers through independent innovation and promotes the technological progress of the industry as a whole.

Integrity management

Integrity and fairness is the basic requirement of enterprise operation. Corporate governance strictly complies with national laws and industry norms, is responsible to customers and society, and promotes the healthy and orderly development of the whole industry through the establishment of a credit system. We insist that continuous wealth creation is the foundation of social responsibility.